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Kids Run





Elevation Gain


Start Time


The kids run will be held in Ağlasun district, will start next to the historical plane tree and finish at the same point. Our road race, where we will host the runners of the future, will be held in the streets of Ağlasun.


Starting Time: 10th November 2023 11:30 am

Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Starting Place: Ağlasun, Burdur

Finish Place: Ağlasun, Burdur


Aid Stations: 1

Max Runners: 250

Distance: 2,0km

Ascent: 45m

Descent: 45m

Highest Point: 1170m

Lowest Point: 113m


Aid Stations

Dc: Cold Drinks (Coke, Mineral Water)

Dh: Hot Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Soup)

Dw: Water

Em: Emergency
Fc: Chips&Bars (Biscuits, Pretzel, Chips...)

Fm: Meal (Salads, Pasta, Pizza...)

Fv: Fruits&Vegatables (Orange, Lemon, Cucumber...)

Ra: Resting Area

Rs: Showers

Tb: Spare Bag

Ts: Transfer Shuttle

Wc: Wasch and Cleaning

Note: There is vegan products for all aid stations.


0km | 1130m | 11:30 (Start Time)


1,1km | 1170m | 11:50 (Time Limit)

Dc, Em, Fc


2,0km | 1130m | 12:00 (Time Limit)

Dc, Dh, Dw, Em, Fc, Fm, Fv, Rs, Ra,Tb, Ts, Wc

Starting Time & Procedure

Aglasun (37.650034, 30.533219)

Saturday, 10 November 2024 (11:00)

Participants must be present at least 30 minutes before the start time.The starting line will organized according to the level of the runners (ITRA Performance Index)

Bip Collection

Saturday, 09th November 2024

10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday, 10th November 2024
08:00 am - 10:00 am


A) Registration

  • Only online registration is possible. (Registration is finalized when we receive your payment. There are no ticket refunds)

  • Registration Fees and Terms:
    5€ (until 31 December 2023)
    6€ (until 31 May 2024)
    8€ (until 31 August 2024)

    10€ (until 16 October 2024)

  • Maximum number of runners: 250

B) Race Kit

Each participant who completes their registration will have

  • Race Meal

  • Bip Number

  • Finisher Medal (Only participants who complete the course will receive it.)

  • Food and drinks at refreshment points along the route

  • T-shirt

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