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Skyrunner World Series

We are pleased to announce that our event will be part of the Skyrunner World Series 2024. With our event, which will be one of twenty races worldwide, the Skyrunner World Series will be in Turkey for the first time. We are waiting for you to run in the same event with high-level athletes. For detailed information about the series; SWS.

Official Race Benefits

World Final

You can get direct participation in Sky Masters, which will be held as the World Final.

The Top 10 Male and Top 10 Female athletes who complete the Sagalassos Sky Race (Official Race of the Skyrunner World Series), are eligible to go to the World Final.

Prize Money

As in all Skyrunner World Series races, prize money will be given to the best ranked athletes. ​


Athletes who complete the Sagalassos Sky Race in the top 10 places will receive a prize of 1000-100 Euros.

Certified Course

Our courses are ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) certified and approved.

Athletes who complete our Sagalassos Sky Marathon and Sagalassos Sky Race courses will earn ISF Index points.


Skyrunner World Series will host a race from our country for the first time in the 2024 calendar. SWS will start in March and end in November. Our Sagalassos Sky Race track will witness the race of famous athletes and the best Turkish athletes. Add our event to your 2024 calendar now and provide the opportunity to both run a race and visit Burdur and its surroundings.

The Sagalassos Sky Race course, which will be held as the official race of SWS 2024, includes 27km and 2200m climbing. The track, which will start in the Ağlasun district square, will pass through the Roman ruins and head towards Yeşilbaş Village with an intense climb and then a technical descent. After the first checkpoint, Yeşilbaş Village, it will start with climbing and descend towards the historical road. Participants will climb to the Ancient City of Sagalassos with a short climb and reach the highest Ancient Theater in the world. After the Ancient Theatre, which is also the second checkpoint, the final climb will begin with a fast section. Climbing Akdağ along narrow paths and stony ground will challenge the participants. After this climb, Gevenliova checkpoint will be reached. Then, the track will be completed with a very fast descent among the cedar trees.

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