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Course Information

Information about the races that will be run in our event is given below. To get details about the course, see the track pages.

Track of Fire and Light

Sagalassos Sky Ultra offers to be a part of a unique experience with its historical tracks. Sagalassos Ancient City, which draws attention with its high altitude, is the most important tourism value of Burdur province. There are many features that make Sagalassos special; it is also one of the largest ancient cities of Turkiye. Psidians eliminated attacks by communicating between ancient cities with fire and light. We will present a magnificent visual show to the participants and viewers by using fire towers on the event tracks. ​


Our event, which will be run as one of the 20 races of the Skyrunner World Series, is our country's first and only race in this series. Currently the only Turkish trail race to be run in the world series. Sagalassos Sky Ultra offers different track experiences. We have 6 races: KAS80K to be run at night in the ultra trail race, SSM42K and SSR27K in the skyrunning race, and STR17K, AFR5K and AKR2K at the beginner level. We are waiting for you to run on the trails of light and fire designed for participants of all levels.

Ateşli kılıç


Fun&Run Camp


Trail races longer than the marathon distance of 42,195km are called ultra trails. Our Kremna Ultra 80K course, which will be run in this type, will start at sunset on Friday evening and will be run at night.

Trailrunning Camp


Skyrunning is a trail races that goes above 2000m altitude, is famous for its altitude gains and is very technical in terms of terrain. Sky Marathon 42K and Sky Race 27K, among our tracks that involve climbing and descending mountain peaks, are run in this type.



Our tracks to be run on non-technical dirt roads and village streets are as follows; Trail Run 17K, Fun Run 5K and Kids Run 2K. No experience is required to run on these tracks and they are suitable for beginners.


2024 Races

Program İçerikleri

Dağ Manzarası


Fun&Run Camp


Uygulamalı Eğitimler

Koşu Blimi

Koşu Mekaniği

Egzersiz ve Koşu

Teorik Eğitimler

Egzersiz ve Sağlık

Koşu ve Beslenme

Koşu ve Dinlenme


Trailrunning Camp


Uygulamalı Eğitimler

Arazide Koşu Mekaniği

Koşu Ekonomisi ve Yönetimi

Tepe Koşuları

Teorik Eğitimler

Arazi Koşuları ve Yönetimi

Koşu Ekipmanları ve Kullanımı

Antrenman Şekilleri ve Türleri


Skyrunning Camp


Uygulamalı Eğitimler

Baton Kullanımı

Vertikal Tırmanış

Teknik İniş

Teorik Eğitimler

Yüksek İrtifa ve Adaptasyon

Tırmanış Mentalitesi

Kuvvet ve Denge Antrenmanları

International Accreditations

The races have high-level accreditations. By successfully completing the course, you can obtain international performance index points and degrees.

Skyrunner World Series.png


Fun&Run Day 1

Sagalassos Sky Race will be held as the official Skyrunner World Series Event. Athletes who rank in the race will be ranked in the circuit.



Trailrunning Camp

Kremna Ultra Trail, Sagalassos Sky Marathon, Sagalassos Sky Race and Sagalassos Trail Run will give ITRA performance index points.



Kremna Ultra Trail, Sagalassos Sky Marathon, Sagalassos Sky Race and Sagalassos Trail Run will give UTMB index points.

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